Start Your Own Credit Repair Business for $47 $7

Learn Step-by-Step How to Profit by Helping 40 Million Americans

In Business for Yourself, but Not by Yourself

Learn How to Operate a Successful Credit Repair Business from anywhere in the world.

Huge Opportunity

Imagine an industry where a 20% error rate was acceptable – that’s more than 40 million Americans in need of your help!

High Reward

Learn step-by-step how to build and operate your own successful credit repair business. Work from home or anywhere in the world!

Small Investment

For just $47 $7, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. This opportunity is ideal for a new business, a second business, or stay-at-home moms!

“On one file alone, I have 50 (that's right) 50 deletions! I am now getting e-mails and calls from clients saying I am amazing. Well, I tell them I am very good at educating and advising on the five areas that effect their FICO scores but it is Score's dispute letters that are really making the difference. It's like I was told at bootcamp 'Do what you do best and delegate the rest!”

Start a Credit Repair Business Testimonial - Bob - North Carolina

— Bob, Charlotte, NC


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Get complete step-by-step access to Learn How to Operate a Credit Repair Business.
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“I want to thank the team at Score. I am a person that feels very responsible when I take on a client in my community. I want to do a good job for them. Prior to using Score, I felt a lot of pressure to complete the disputes on time and in the best way for my client. Score has relieved this burden and helped me to stream line my business and thus I have more time to spend on my clients. I am confident in sending business to Score, I know I have a good team.”

Start a Credit Repair Business Testimonial - Simone - New York

— Simone, New York, NY

What is Score?

Score is a company that produces credit repair software solutions to independent business owners across America. In other words, we enable entrepreneurs – just like you – to operate a successful credit repair business no matter where you are.

What will I be doing?

By downloading our guide, Learn How to Operate a Credit Repair Business, you will discover how you can help millions of Americans improve their credit. Best of all, you will be paid for every person you are able to help.

How much money can I make?

Individual results vary, as this opportunity is ideal for seasoned entrepreneurs, new business owners, and stay-at-home moms alike. Many Score affiliates achieve earnings well in excess of six figures. Please review our Terms of Use for details.

What is the $47 $7 for?

For just $47 $7, you will be given a copy of Learn How to Operate a Credit Repair Business. That guide will teach you everything you need to know start, operate and build your own credit repair company from anywhere in the world!

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